Gia Wilson | Savannah, GA & Tampa, FL

Meet Gia Wilson, a passionate and accomplished real estate agent with a dedication to providing exceptional service to her clients. Her journey started in a big Italian family, where she grew up accustomed to wearing boy hand-me-downs and shopping at the Salvation Army for clothes. Despite facing cultural limitations, she pursued her dreams and attended college for elementary education. Little did she know that instead of becoming a 2nd-grade teacher, she’d teach adults about the real estate world, which ignited her passion for the industry.

After starting her real estate career in 2015 with a local “ma and pa” shop in Augusta, GA, where her partner was stationed, she also worked in property management for almost two years, assisting with managing over 100 properties. By 2018, her family moved to Savannah, GA, where she trained under one of the best Realtors in the business, discovering the endless possibilities of what this career could bring.

Through past experiences, meditation, prayer, and constant growth through retrospective reflection, she developed core values, including an open heart, a growth mindset, and a clear vision that lights her path. She is a visionary who’s attracting her dreams while being guided by her heart. In 2021, she felt moved to expand her business into Florida, servicing the Tampa and St. Petersburg area in addition to Savannah, Georgia. With a strong team in both cities, her dedication to the client experience is paramount. She continues to grow her real estate portfolio with renovations, remodels, and rentals and loves to help create wealth for her clients by teaching them the way by example.

As a member of Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment, Next Move Military, and many great referral networks across the country with other top agents, she can help you find your dream home, no matter where you’re looking to move. Whether she’s helping a first-time home buyer, an investor, a seller, or teaching real estate classes, her passion is for the people, and her business reflects precisely who she is.


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