Jay Gray | Myrtle Beach, SC

Jay Gray is a transplant to Myrtle Beach SC with more than 10 years of real estate experience. His real estate career began in Pennsylvania as a dual career agent. In addition to being a real estate professional, Jay was a firefighter for more than a decade. Once it was decided that growing a real estate business on the South Carolina Coast was the most logical choice to achieve his WHY, Jay and his wife, Emily made their move to the beach. Since then Jay has gained a variety of experience as a Solo Agent, Productivity Coach, Assistant Team Leader, ALC Growth Chair, and currently operates as a Solo Agent with an Admin as well as the ALC Growth Chair and IALC Representative for the Carolinas Region. Jay is most passionate about pouring into others. He enjoys training and mentoring agents in his Market Center as well as traveling to other MC’s to teach and speak. Relationships are valued above all else for Jay. Agent to Agent Referrals account for approximately 70% of his annual business. As a TOP Agent in Gary Keller’s Mastermind, Jay enjoys collaborating with the top professionals in our industry. Jay has a proven track record of doing what’s right and making sure every aspect of his world is a win-win for his friends, family, clients, and colleagues.

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