Karey Grover | Rochester/Finger Lakes, NY

As a founding partner and co-owner of Brix and Maven Realty Group, Karey’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and expertise underscores her commitment to her clients’ success in their real estate endeavors. In addition to handling typical residential sales, her adeptness in diverse transactions, such as Bed and Breakfasts and waterfront properties, along with her personal experience in real estate investing, makes her a highly reliable and indispensable guide in real estate. Karey’s commitment to understanding her clients’ individual needs sets her apart, ensuring that she provides tailored and exceptional service to each person she works with. Karey’s dedication to her work is complemented by her passion for life outside of real estate. When she’s not immersed in the world of property and transactions, Karey finds joy in riding her horse, relaxing at her home on Canandaigua Lake, and cherishing quality moments with her husband and their three children. 


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