Karri Goscinski | Denver, CO – Denver North, CO

Meet Karri Goscinski, the force behind Next Move Rocky Mountains, with an impressive 8-year track record in real estate. Starting as the Director of Operations for top Bay Area teams, she orchestrated real estate dreams into reality. Now in Colorado, she’s leading her own team, seamlessly blending operational finesse with a commitment to exceptional client service.

Client service isn’t just a buzzword for me—it’s the anthem of my real estate journey. From buying and selling to investing and custom builds, I’ve guided over 400 families through their unique real estate adventures. Beyond the world of real estate, you’ll find me soaking up chaotic and wonderful moments with my family—Leo (8), James (4), and furry companion Zoe (10). Family time, whether building forts or exploring Colorado’s gems, is my anchor. Team up with me, and let’s turn your home journey into an unforgettable adventure!

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