Kevin Barnes | Grand Rapids, MI – Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, MI

If reputation defines success then Kevin Barnes  is at his pinnacle. Ask anyone who has ever  known or worked with Kevin and you will hear  three words.Integrity. Passion. Reliability.  

Kevin started in the real estate industry on  the lending side. Recruited into the mortgage  business while in his last semester of college,  it only took three months and he was hooked.  According to Kevin, “It’s very rewarding to be  able to play a role in helping others obtain  something they have worked so hard for.”  

After 17 years on the mortgage side, Kevin made  the exciting decision to become a Realtor and  help people on the “other side of the fence”.  Already making a splash in the real estate industry  with his passion and drive, he is second to  none. Recently accepted into Harvard’s Kennedy  School of Executive Education, his commitment  for continuing education and continual drive to  always be evolving, makes him a priceless asset  to his clients. If you match his focus, education  and knowledge with his previous experience on  the lending side you end up with a top-notch  agent and advisor who has a full grasp of the  entire home buying process.  

A family man who was born and raised in Grand  Rapids, Kevin is heavily involved in the community.  He believes strongly that giving back to the youth 

of West Michigan is key to cultivating a strong  community. He has spent the last seven years  mentoring and teaching Bible study to college  students at GVSU. 

However, Kevin feels his crowning achievement  was marrying the love of his life Elisea. Together  they have two beautiful children. He is an avid  golfer and is lucky enough to still play with his  favorite golf partner, his Dad.  


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