Larry Romero | Las Vegas, NV

Larry Romero is a former US Navy SEAL who has served in Iraq, and Afghanistan. He is also a former Blackwater and Trident Group operator/team leader, who has had the distinct honor of leading prior Special Operations teams contracted in the support and protection of US Government Agencies and assets around the world. Larry began his real estate career in South Florida in 2006, and has worked in almost every aspect of real estate. He is a marketing and business developer, real estate investor, and has been the CEO/Team Leader of a 250 agent brokerage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Larry and his wife Amanda Romero have a stellar reputation, and proven record of success, with over 30 years combined experience in real estate. They run a highly concierge, client-centric real estate business in Las Vegas, and have consistently been in the top 1% of all Realtors in the nation. They credit their success in real estate, to having exceptional client care, referral relationships, and high level negotiation and communication skills. While Larry and Amanda are top producers in the luxury and investment markets in Las Vegas, they are resolute in their belief that luxury is an experience, not a price point! They believe in the core values of honesty, integrity, and that service to others and mentorship play the ultimate role in giving back to our service members, veterans, clients, and their families.

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