Lisa Godin | Albuquerque, NM

Growing up, as a young girl, Lisa’s hero was her Uncle Rich, so the idea of following in his footsteps to make a career in the USAF was a no-brainer. After completing college, Lisa took her Officer’s Candidate Test, and was days away from her physical exam when her path took a different direction. Turns out she would not serve her country in the way her Uncle, Father, Grandfather, and others had, but instead would serve her family. And it wouldn’t be 20 years to a post-retirement career, but 32 before Lisa’s nest would be empty and she would be looking for her next assignment. Whether she would have chosen Real Estate after a career in the Service is uncertain, but it is a natural fit after the life she led instead, and Lisa loves helping our Retired and Active Service men and women and their families find and create their little own little Peace of the Planet.

Lisa has been a top Realtor in the Greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico areas since starting her career in 2017 and earning Rookie of the Year. She has been on the Leadership Team of her Brokerage each year since, and believes giving back is a privilege and a duty. For her efforts, Lisa was awarded the Good Neighbor Award in 2020, and was recognized in Real Producers as a Rising Star in March of that year. Lisa is a Senior Real Estate Specialist, and a Relocation Specialist. She has earned the designation as a Luxury Broker, but believes every man or woman should feel like the king or queen of their castle regardless of how much it cost. She loves working as much with a young first time home-buyer as with a seasoned investor. And you and/or your clients will love working with her!

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