Lorena Magallanes and Erica Smith | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Erica and Lorena have been working tirelessly and breaking ground in the real estate industry for the past 13 years, and have always been driven to do things their own, special way.  With a zest for life and a desire to help clients find their dream homes, or sell their homes to move forward into a new chapter of life, they have truly set a new standard when it comes to top notch real estate service!  Erica and Lorena put the interests of their clients above everything else.  Their ability to befriend their clients is a natural quality for these two. With strong negotiating skills, a positive attitude and a whole lot of charisma, this duo offers a stress-free and profitable experience.  

With Stomp Realty Inc., being founded by Erica Smith and Lorena Magallanes, it is the natural go-to boutique brokerage for relocation to Toronto.  Currently working with Ubisoft (a video gaming company) and the Toronto Football Club (TFC), Stomp Realty Inc., looks forward to assisting more athletes transition to the great city of Toronto. 

Lorena Magallanes and Erica Smith have been featured on several media outlets such as: 

  • The Social (Toronto television show)
  • Breakfast Television (Toronto television show)
  • Radio 1010
  • The Globe and Mail (Newspaper)
  • The Toronto Sun (Newspaper)
  • The Toronto Star (Newspaper)
  • Flare Magazine
  • Recipients of the Notable Award for Realtor of the Year (2018)

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