Marty Desjardins | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marty Desjardins is a real estate broker known for being very professional, motivated and rigorous. A Montrealer of fully bilingual origin, Marty also spent a few trips to Toronto and Vancouver when he was young. This national diversity gives him an enlightened and enlarged view of the real estate market across the country. After completing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia, he worked for three years in Korea as a teacher and consultant,

Returning to Montreal in 2005, Marty worked as an organizational development consultant before devoting himself to real estate in 2007. Since discovering his vocation and passion for real estate, Marty has expanded his activities to cover all of Montreal’s most enviable neighborhoods and he has expanded his team to include many real estate and marketing professionals. During the rare moments when Marty is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his active family, playing hockey and enjoying the many advantages that the Montreal lifestyle offers.

Marty is fluent in English and French.

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