My passion for Real Estate

I have always loved homes, I mean really really loved homes.  I love going through a home being built, going to model homes, touring an open house, even going to home shows.   A house and everything that makes it a home has always intrigued me, from the design of the exterior to the outline of the floorplan, to picturing myself living in it.  Growing up, my parents would take us to open houses and model homes, “just for fun”.  To me that was fun.  To me that is still fun!!  While other kids were doodling dogs and cats, I was doodling floor plans and placing furniture, drafting front elevations, and filling in the landscape design.  Real estate has always been a passion of mine, and now I get to live in my passion and purpose every day. 


My real estate journey starts with a unique beginning.  I have always enjoyed helping people and learning about who they are and what makes them the unique individual they are.  That intrigue of the story led me to a career in journalism.  I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Political Science and Communication.  While there I anchored our local news station’s evening news.  After college, I went on to become a television host of a local show, Club Access.  The show was fortunately around before social media and Youtube, lol.  It was executive produced by the same company who produced Wild on E!, except hyper local to the Jacksonville market.  The show aired for 13 episodes before getting picked up in LA.  At that time, I knew it was not in my career path to move to LA, so I left the show and stayed in FL.  That launched my television career and I went on to become a news reporter with a local station in Central Florida.  I loved being able to see a story through someone else’s eyes.  I loved hearing their perspective.  I enjoyed being open to new ideas and thoughts.  This challenged me and helped shape me into the person I am now.  Once it became time to start our family, I left that world behind and became a full time mom. 


The desire to help others, give back, and my love of homes, made becoming a real estate agent a natural fit for me.  It combines all of my gifts and talents God has given me.  I enjoy being in a profession where I am challenged and stretched every day.  I love taking an idea a person has and turning that into a home for them.  Recently, I worked with a lady, “Shelly” who left such a huge impression on me. She was living in Section 8 housing and  had been turned down by lenders in the past.  Shelly wanted to get out of the community she was in and had a lifelong dream of being the first person in her immediate family to be a homeowner.  She knew she needed to work on her credit and had a goal in mind to save up for her down payment.  She was a single mom, working two jobs, from 9a-3p and then again from 6p-1a. When I first met Shelly, she was discouraged yet still optimistic of being able to attain her dream.  I introduced Shelly to a lender I work with who was able to get her pre-approved.  We went and looked at homes and found her dream home.  She is now an official homeowner, a goal she thought would take much longer to realize.  Shelly has the home of her vision with a bedroom for each of her kids in a safe neighborhood and a wonderful school district!! Shelly was very emotional on closing day and her joy and excitement was felt by all of us in the room.  Shelly’s story is unique to her, but they way I worked with Shelly was not unique to me.  Whether my client is a first time home buyer purchasing their dream home or a multi-million dollar, second home buyer, buying their dream vacation home, I treat all my clients the same.  I truly care and want them to feel like my only client at the time.  

Kate Swain Jacksonville, FL

Next Move Member

Real Estate is so much more than a job or career for me, it is a way of life.  At my core, I am a caring person who is genuine and seeks to do the right thing in all I do.  I really want the best for people and my clients.  I believe my listening skills from journalism, my compassion and caring skills from being a wife and mom, and my creativity, intellect, and determination, combine to make me one of the top agents in my office and in my market.  This is only the beginning of my journey.  One that I am thrilled to be on every day and one that equally excites me and drives me to be the best that I can be in all areas of my life.

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