Nikki Threatt | Dayton, OH

I grew up in Oregon, moved to Georgia for college and then transferred to DC, Where I met my husband who was in the Air Force. The next 15 years were a blur of being a military spouse, having 4 kids, and moving every 4 years. We were lucky enough to spend 7 of those years in Europe. Upon returning to America I decided to get into real estate because with moving every 4 years not knowing an area, trying to find a home etc is hard, I wanted to help people find their place to call home and take some of the stress off them. I got licensed in Maryland and hit the ground running with the military community. 4 years later my sphere has broadened as well as my area. Now licensed in Ohio coving from Dayton down to Cincinnati and living right in the middle. My passion is all things local, I love supporting local businesses, being die hard sports fans of all the local teams to include my kids teams all the way to professional teams, I am active in our local church and helping with many volunteer opportunities that come my way.

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