Steve Henneberry | Westlake Village, CA

Growing up a mid-western boy in Wisconsin instilled in Steve both hard work and  dedication… qualities that helped him succeed in his personal and professional life. 

A gifted athlete, Steve became a top bodybuilder at a young age winning the Mr.  America title in 1989. The recognition spurred him on. Shortly afterwards, he packed his  bags and moved to Los Angeles where he immediately established a thriving modeling  career landing on the covers of such magazines as Muscle & Fitness and Muscular  Development. He was soon starring in popular television shows, including Married With  Children and the WB kick-off sitcom, Muscle; however it was his stint as TOWER on  The American Gladiators that made him a household name. 

Steve enjoyed the opportunities that accompanied The American Gladiators’ popularity; from touring the U.S., Europe and Asia, to endorsing his favorite products, participating  in philanthropic events, serving as a fitness advisor, and mentoring his successors. 

His next role however, would become his most important… that of husband and father.  Seeking a schedule conducive to family life, in 2002 Steve made a complete career  change into residential & commercial Real Estate title insurance. With his drive and  determination it wasn’t long before Steve was one of the top sales representatives at a  Fortune 500 company. He is currently working as the VP/County Manager for Stewart  Title Company. Never one to rest on his laurels, he has also turned a hobby of graphic  design into his own design and print company, “Printing 24/7”; responsible for a lot of  the marketing material of companies and products you come in contact with every day! 

In 2018 Steve got his license to sell Real Estate. That is how Big H Homes evolved currently Steve hangs his license at Keller Williams Westlake Village were he is thriving  in his new venture in life.  

Steve recently came out of retirement from Bodybuilding and finished 2nd in the Nation  in the 2019 Mr. America over 50 contest. Steve believes that at a young age of 56 that he  is a perfect healthy lifestyle role model for people of all ages. 

Cell: 310.562.2646

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