Vanessa Vale Womack | Lexington, KY

As a full-service real estate agent in central Kentucky, this is more than a “job” for Vanessa, this is her passion!

Her Real Estate interest started as a young girl. Her father was a builder, landlord with multiple rental properties, and ran a farm. Vanessa spent most of her childhood along his side learning about construction. It only made sense that she would marry a man who owns a commercial construction company where she has expanded her career into commercial real estate. Vanessa’s career has grown primarily on repeat and referral business. She has always focused on her clients goals and needs while assisting in reaching their dreams. Vanessa has been blessed to have the opportunity to grow her business into a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. She has a love, passion, and respect for all aspects of the real estate business, especially the start to finish process of creating a HOME.

Licensed since 2004, Vanessa’s track record has placed her in the Top Percentage of Agents in the Central KY Market

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